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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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it's friday, january 8th, and coming up on "early today," breaking news. an officer ambushed shot multiple times while in his police cruiser. president obama makes his strongest case yet for increased gun reform. while donald trump faces some hostiles in bernie sanders backyard. plus, a dangerous moment for a driver facing rushing flash flooding. a really bad day. >> one airline passenger. the bridge that's claimed more trucks than officials can count and much more on a busy
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"early today" starts right now. and good morning everyone. thanks for being with us. overnight. a philadelphia police officer ambushed and shot at least three times inside his cruiser. police commissioner says jesse hartnett is lucky to be alive after a suspect tried to quote execute the officer. he was driving through a philly intersection, the suspect fired 13 times walking closer and closer until he was shooting inside the driver side window of the police cruiser. he emptied his entire .9 millimeter handgun. hartnett is in surgery and expected to make a full recovery. we'll have more details as we get them into nbc news. to politics now.
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muscle in bernie sander backyard. he gave out tickets to a theater just 163 steps away from sanders' headquarters. >> reporter: donald trump holding that rally steps away from senator bernie sanders' campaign headquarters. trump going after many of the rivals. he was on offense against republicans and democratic challengers but on defense against protesters that were at the rally there. playing to the crowd, trump said he would love to run against senator bernie sanders, however, he's trailing hillary on the democratic side. he says he's still focussed on hillary clinton. the former president, bill clinton, campaigning for his wife, hillary, refused to get involved in the pay for that donald trump has been boasting
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bill clinton saying that he would not respond at all to the politics of donald trump. now then trump turned his attention to senator ted cruz, his closest competitor on the republican side. trump and also senator john mccain questioning whether cruz is eligible to run for president because he was born in canada. cruz responding that, that is simply not true and he expects these attacks from republican challengers. the first test for those who survived the attacks, the accusations and all of the heckling will be on february first with the iowa caucus. >> edward, thank you. president obama continues to make his case on the issue of gun reform, appearing at a town hall style meeting at george mason university last night. he said he respects the first amendment. at times things got heated especially when anderson cooper
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trying to take away everyone's guns. >> are you suggesting that the notion that we're creating a plot to take everybody's guns away so we can impose martial law? yes, that is a conspiracy. i would hope you would agree with that. >> then he joked he's only going to be president for another yooer, so even if he was going to take away people's guns, he doesn't have time. and now to the campaign trail and how bill clinton is handling controversies. including alleged past sexual transgressions. and kristen welker asked if he'd like to respond. >> i don't have a response. if he wins the republican nomination, we'll have plenty of time if hillary wins. but i have no interest in getting involved in the politics or doing anything except helping
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>> bill was interrupted for a phone call. >> there are other issues. that keep americans up at night. and my phone's ringing. [ laughter] i have to call hillary back and explain why i couldn't take it. >> happens to everybody. hillary is set to receive an unexpected indorsement, planned parenthood said they will indorse the democratic candidate. their first indorsement in its 100 year existence. she will accept the indorsement in new hampshire. billions in welths wipe alth wiped out and the first four day start for the stock ever. nbc's anne thompson brings us up to speed. >> reporter: another bungee jump
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the dow plumsing more than 300 points, bouncing back, only to plunge again by early afternoon. what has traders and investors grabbing fist fulls is the slowing in china. still, the chaos in china is fuelling the u.s. market's worst started to a year ever. shrink the average 401 k by about 2%. january is a beromter for the future. predicting with 87% accuracy what the market will do for the rest of the year. one more reason why main street needs to watch wall street. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. are you dreading your commute today? be thankful you aren't these guys. california mark was on his way home after an unsuccessful attempt at getting a haircut when all of a sudden flood waters decided this trip would
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so, after reversing back down the road he was eventually able to pull a u turn and escape but not before having to overcome nature. and in sand diego a car worth upwards of $200,000 decides to test his lamborghini against mother nature. not a good idea. a beautiful white lamborghini drives up with water up to the bumper. look at him go. waves quickly bring the walt water up to the wind shield and the lambo makes it through gracefully into the sunset. two men have been arrested on terrorism related charges in the u.s. they say there are ties to isis.
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traveling to syria to fight in a civil war and lying to federal investigators about it and 24-year-old omar of houston was indicted on charges he tried to provide material support to islamic extremists. both entered the united states as refugees. according to the people he said later that he did fight along side them. investigators say they are not national security threats. some scary moments from new york to chicago. the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in detroit after a woman allegedly assaulted other passengers. detroit metro airport police met
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carried the woman off the plane. the other passengers tied her up after she assaulted several passengers. one person said the woman asked to get off about 20 minutes disruptive. they say she may have been suffering from medical condition. in montreal, a majestic cam. suddenly a snowy owl slides right into the frame. the transport minister tweeted out images later declaring by popular demand here is video of our majestic visitor. much more gracefully commuting than people on the streets of new york, i would say, bill. winter storm warnings are in effect around the grand canyon. but there are beautiful images -- >> that does make for beautiful pictures in the grand canyon.
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at that. our government scientists yesterday gave us a report for 2015. so, was it the warmest year we've had? almost. in florida and washington state and oregon but as a whole, remember the cold end of winter we had, that's why we didn't break the warmestench. ever. only 2012 was warmer. we had two on the west coast, two on the east coast and a lot were related to severe weather. those are mostly tornado outbreaks and one flood watch. disasters. and we haven't had lot of hurricanes lately and those are almost always billion dollar weather disasters. so, how does the weekend look? we're looking at another arctic plast blast from the north.
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the great lakes and northeast than in the midwest and sunday, new york city will be 61 degrees and at the same time it will be 2 in minneapolis. so, be prepared for that. and if you're in areas of missouri up through chicago and michigan, a little bit of snow for you saturday and saturday night. now a closer look at your day ahead. that cold arctic air will be coming down from the north but we're seeing light snow in areas of the midwest, not a lot but just enough for minor inconveniences. and there's the snow storm in northern portions of new mexico. it's that time of year. midwinter. we expect these cold blasts. >> 2 in minneapolis. >> they're used to it. coming up, it's the biggest jackpot ever and it's still growing. it's incredible. have you got powerball fever? i think we do.
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welcome back. a bikini barista stand in washington state exploded yesterday afternoon, engulfing a stand in flames. campbell, who was working inside was severely burned but remands ins in critical condition in the hospital. authorities are investigating the propain tanks. the jackpot has sky rock lted lt ted to $700 million. one, two, three, push. >> check out this police dash
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birth in the back of the car. she and her husband were rushing to the hospital but as it goes they pulled over and called 911. thanks to these new officers a brand new baby girl was born. and not everybody is happy with the recommended changes. tom costello reports. >> reporter: today the government's top health experts say many americans can do better. cut way back on sugar, hidden in everything from salad dressing to pasta sauce. one jar of pasta sauce can have the equibble kwivl quivalent of a candy bar. all of us have to paylabels. the government's my plate nutrition guide sounds familiar. more fruits and vegetables and low fat dairy and a lot less
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but critics say the guidelines don't go far enough. they're dropping its recommendation to drop egg consumption. the american institute for cancer research saying it was dismayed that lobbying efforts superceded dietary efforts. >> i think we have a strong set of recommendations that there not impalkted in any undue way but have listened to all the voices. >> reporter: indeed the sugar industry criticized the consumption. just ahead, the lakers claw their way back from 27 points job? here's a hint. we're talking about the lakers. plus, high profile stars to watch a high profile ending. in tv anncr: good afternoon everyone. tv anncr: it's the perfect day
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this morning on "today," the is it hollywood's biggest party. what you can expect to see on the golden globes. number 7 arizona visiting unranked ucla with stars including kevin derantd urant came out to honor russell westbrook.
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>> three, step back for -- >> alfred nails the winning basket with 1.8 seconds as the bruins knock off the wild katsz cats, 87-84. cincinnati almost ruined the mustangs best start in school history. they hang on 59-57. a milestone as the lowly lakers gave the kings a mighty scare. kobe bryant scored his 33,000th point. having blown a 27-point league, the kings with 26 seconds left and they manage to save face before the home team crowd. 118-115. bet you saw that one coming. just ahead, the super bowl
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anticipated seekual and it includes everyone from the former show, minus the olsen twins. and pat harrington was a fan favorite as the ever present perfectly annoying building super. his manager says he died o complications from aulz hiemers disease in los angeles. and beyonce is -- excuse me, queen b will be joined by coldplay where she'll be accompanied by her destiny's child members, kelly rowland and michelle williams. >> and coldplay was supposed to be the headline and all of a sudden queen b shows up. >> what are you going to do. i'm shannon mulaire and this is "early today."
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>> this is 7news now. >> christa: good morning, everybody. we have officially made it to friday. we have lots of news ahead on today in new england. >> sarah: developing this morning, a bomb squad expected to arrive at a north andover chemical plant later this morning to detonate a dangerous chemical that caused an explosion yesterday. four people remain in the hospital. >> christa: and braintree police looking for a suspect in an attack that may have been an act of road rage. it happened during the commute last night. a man stabbed several times near the barnes & noble. the victim now at boston medical center. police have interviewed him and other witnesses, as well. >> sarah: this morning president obama has written an op-ed in the any times saying he won't support any candidate, even a democrat, who doesn't
4:57 am
sense gun reform." >> christa: and this morning class act is back. we're headed to a school for students with special needs who are doing something special for other people. it is very inspiring. i had the opportunity to visit myself, and we'll be sharing that with you. >> sarah: i always look forward to those. leth get a check of the forecast. chris lambert is here. >> chris: good morning, sarah. good morning, christa. temperatures on the colder side, upper teens. clear a skies through much of the night, but now some of the cloudiness in back off the ocean. a big difference of temperature. you get that on-shore breeze, it is 38 degrees. wind in the city of boston 8mph. clear and calm in a lot of suburbs. just beginning to see some of that low-level moisture, some of those low clouds backing in. we'll have patches of that continuing to overextend themselves into a wider range of low clouds as we go through the late morning hours into this afternoon. by this afternoon, not out of the realm of possibility to get some patchy drizzle. in fact, i think it's likely by the time we get overnight
4:58 am
saturday. even inland there may be a couple towns close to the freezing mark tonight into saturday that could deal with patchy freezing drizzle. we'll keep an eye on that. kids getting ready for school, it's dry through about lunchtime today. likely having outdoor recess once again with temperatures running up into the 40s or close to 40 degrees by the time we get into the afternoon. mid-30s inland. low to mid-40s along the coastline. look to the rain chance, though. patchy drizzle around the next couple days. this goes sky high. it's a lot. it's going to rain on sunday, and we will have some downpours out there. an area of low pressure has to roll on through the great lakes, sending some soaking rain in here and mild weather. we're talking about close to record highs before we cool down next week. more on the forecast as today in new england starts right now. >> christa: developing right now, busy day ahead in north andover as investigators return to the scene of a chemical explosion, the first order of business. they're set to take care of that this morning. >> sarah: cameras captured the
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